BLZ Codes, Bankleitzahl, Sort Codes and SWIFT Codes for all Banks in Germany.

Bankleitzahl, BLZ Code, Sort Code is a numerical code used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Germany. The number consists of 8 digits, and it is used for domestic bank transfer. Generally, the first 4 digits identify the banking company, and the latter 4 digits are assigned to the branch.

For international inward money transfer, a SWIFT code must be used together with a Bankleitzahl and Account Number. Alternatively, use IBAN account number as Bankleitzahl was part of it.

The format of Bankleitzahl is as follows;


  • the first digit (A) identify the clearing area.
  • the next 2 digits (BB) identify the bank location (Bankplatz).
  • the next 1 digit (C) identifies the banking group (Bankengruppe).
  • the last 4 digits (DDDD) identify the branch.

Baden-Württemberg - Page 44

The table below are the address and Bankleitzahl or BLZ Code for all banks in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Click on the Bankleitzahl to find out the bank details, maps & SWIFT Codes/BIC Codes.

No Bank or Institution State City Bankleitzahl / BLZ
2151 Volksbank Backnang BW Backnang 60291120
2152 Volksbank Backnang BW Burgstetten 60291120
2153 Volksbank Backnang BW Großerlach 60291120
2154 Volksbank Backnang BW Kaisersbach im Welzheimer Wald 60291120
2155 Volksbank Backnang BW Kirchberg an der Murr 60291120
2156 Volksbank Backnang BW Murrhardt 60291120
2157 Volksbank Backnang BW Spiegelberg, Württ 60291120
2158 Volksbank Backnang (Gf P2) BW Backnang 60291120
2159 Volksbank Backnang Zw Oppenweiler BW Oppenweiler 60291120
2160 Volksbank Backnang Zw Sulzbach, Murr BW Sulzbach an der Murr 60291120
2161 Volksbank Backnang Zw Weissach BW Weissach im Tal 60291120
2162 Volksbank Bad Krozingen Zw d VB Staufen BW Bad Krozingen 68092300
2163 Volksbank Bad Mergentheim (Gf P2) BW Bad Mergentheim 62391010
2164 Volksbank Bad Mergentheim -alt- BW Bad Mergentheim 62391010
2165 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Aulendorf, Württ 65093020
2166 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Bad Saulgau 65093020
2167 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Bingen b Sigmaringen 65093020
2168 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Herbertingen 65093020
2169 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Hettingen, Kr Sigmaringen 65093020
2170 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Hohentengen b Bad Saulgau 65093020
2171 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Inzigkofen 65093020
2172 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Krauchenwies 65093020
2173 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Mengen, Württ 65093020
2174 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Ostrach 65093020
2175 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Pfullendorf, Baden 65093020
2176 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Riedhausen, Württ 65093020
2177 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Scheer 65093020
2178 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Sigmaringen 65093020
2179 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Sigmaringendorf 65093020
2180 Volksbank Bad Saulgau BW Wolpertswende 65093020
2181 Volksbank Bad Saulgau (Gf P2) BW Bad Saulgau 65093020
2182 Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt BW Baden-Baden 66290000
2183 Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt BW Durmersheim 66290000
2184 Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt BW Forbach, Baden 66290000
2185 Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt BW Gaggenau 66290000
2186 Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt BW Gernsbach 66290000
2187 Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt BW Kuppenheim 66290000
2188 Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt BW Loffenau 66290000
2189 Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt BW Ötigheim 66290000
2190 Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt BW Rastatt 66290000
2191 Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt BW Sinzheim b Baden-Baden 66290000
2192 Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt BW Weisenbach, Murgtal 66290000
2193 Volksbank Baden-Baden Rastatt (Gf P2) BW Rastatt 66290000
2194 Volksbank Baiersbronn Murgtal BW Baiersbronn 64261363
2195 Volksbank Baiersbronn Murgtal BW Freudenstadt 64261363
2196 Volksbank Baiersbronn Murgtal (Gf P2) BW Baiersbronn 64261363
2197 Volksbank Balingen BW Balingen 65391210
2198 Volksbank Balingen BW Hechingen 65391210
2199 Volksbank Balingen BW Rosenfeld, Württ 65391210
2200 Volksbank Balingen (Gf P2) BW Balingen 65391210