BLZ Codes, Bankleitzahl, Sort Codes and SWIFT Codes for all Banks in Germany.

Bankleitzahl, BLZ Code, Sort Code is a numerical code used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Germany. The number consists of 8 digits, and it is used for domestic bank transfer. Generally, the first 4 digits identify the banking company, and the latter 4 digits are assigned to the branch.

For international inward money transfer, a SWIFT code must be used together with a Bankleitzahl and Account Number. Alternatively, use IBAN account number as Bankleitzahl was part of it.

The format of Bankleitzahl is as follows;


  • the first digit (A) identify the clearing area.
  • the next 2 digits (BB) identify the bank location (Bankplatz).
  • the next 1 digit (C) identifies the banking group (Bankengruppe).
  • the last 4 digits (DDDD) identify the branch.

Hessen - Page 1

The table below are the address and Bankleitzahl or BLZ Code for all banks in Hessen, Germany. Click on the Bankleitzahl to find out the bank details, maps & SWIFT Codes/BIC Codes.

No Bank or Institution State City Bankleitzahl / BLZ
1 Aareal Bank HE Frankfurt am Main 50010424
2 Aareal Bank HE Wiesbaden 51010400
3 Aareal Bank Clearing Wiesbaden HE Wiesbaden 55010625
4 Aareal Bank GF - BK01 - HE Wiesbaden 55010400
5 Aareal Bank Zw L HE Wiesbaden 51010800
6 ABC International Bank Frankfurt am Main HE Frankfurt am Main 50230000
7 ABN AMRO Bank, Frankfurt Branch HE Frankfurt am Main 50324000
8 ABN AMRO Bank, MoneYou HE Frankfurt am Main 50324040
9 ABN AMRO Clearing Bank, Frankfurt Branch HE Frankfurt am Main 52410700
10 AgrarBank HE Alsfeld 53093255
11 AKA Ausfuhrkredit GmbH HE Frankfurt am Main 50110400
12 AKBANK HE Frankfurt am Main 50010200
13 ALTE LEIPZIGER Bauspar HE Oberursel (Taunus) 50012800
14 apoBank HE Darmstadt 50890634
15 apoBank HE Frankfurt am Main 50090607
16 apoBank HE Gießen, Lahn 53390635
17 apoBank HE Kassel, Hess 52090611
18 apoBank HE Wiesbaden 51090636
19 Attijariwafa bank Europa ZNdl. Frankfurt HE Frankfurt am Main 50320600
20 Banco do Brasil HE Frankfurt am Main 51220800
21 Banco Santander Filiale Frankfurt HE Frankfurt am Main 50320500
22 Bank f Orden u Mission Zndl vr bk Untertaunus HE Idstein 51091711
23 Bank f Orden u Mission Zndl vr bk Untertaunus (Gf P2) HE Idstein 51091711
24 Bank Julius Bär Europe HE Frankfurt am Main 51420300
25 Bank of America HE Frankfurt am Main 50010900
26 Bank of America N.A. Military Bank HE Wiesbaden 50110900
27 Bank of America, Filiale Frankfurt HE Frankfurt am Main 50010910
28 Bank of Beirut Ndl Frankfurt HE Frankfurt am Main 50023400
29 Bank of China HE Frankfurt am Main 51410700
30 Bank of Communications Frankfurt branch HE Frankfurt am Main 50120600
31 Bank of Scotland HE Frankfurt am Main 50220500
32 Bank Saderat Iran HE Frankfurt am Main 51220400
33 Bank Sarasin HE Frankfurt am Main 70012200
34 Bank Schilling & Co HE Darmstadt 79032038
35 Bank Schilling & Co HE Frankfurt am Main 79032038
36 Bank Schilling & Co HE Fulda 79032038
37 Bank Schilling & Co HE Wiesbaden 79032038
38 Bank Schilling & Co. HE Gelnhausen 79032038
39 Bank Sepah-Iran HE Frankfurt am Main 50330600
40 Bankhaus Lampe HE Frankfurt am Main 48020151
41 Bankverein Bebra HE Alheim 53261202
42 Bankverein Bebra HE Bebra 53261202
43 Bankverein Bebra HE Rotenburg a. d. Fulda 53261202
44 Bankverein Bebra HE Sontra 53261202
45 Bankverein Bebra HE Wildeck, Hess 53261202
46 Bankverein Bebra (Gf P2) HE Bebra 53261202
47 BANQUE CHAABI DU MAROC Agentur Frankfurt Ndl. Deutschland HE Frankfurt am Main 50330500
48 Banque Federative Credit Mutuel Ndl Deutschl HE Frankfurt am Main 52430100
49 Banque PSA Finance Deutschland HE Neu-Isenburg 50030000
50 Barclays Bank Frankfurt HE Frankfurt am Main 50310400