BLZ Codes, Bankleitzahl, Sort Codes and SWIFT Codes for all Banks in Germany.

Bankleitzahl, BLZ Code, Sort Code is a numerical code used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Germany. The number consists of 8 digits, and it is used for domestic bank transfer. Generally, the first 4 digits identify the banking company, and the latter 4 digits are assigned to the branch.

For international inward money transfer, a SWIFT code must be used together with a Bankleitzahl and Account Number. Alternatively, use IBAN account number as Bankleitzahl was part of it.

The format of Bankleitzahl is as follows;


  • the first digit (A) identify the clearing area.
  • the next 2 digits (BB) identify the bank location (Bankplatz).
  • the next 1 digit (C) identifies the banking group (Bankengruppe).
  • the last 4 digits (DDDD) identify the branch.

Hessen - Page 16

The table below are the address and Bankleitzahl or BLZ Code for all banks in Hessen, Germany. Click on the Bankleitzahl to find out the bank details, maps & SWIFT Codes/BIC Codes.

No Bank or Institution State City Bankleitzahl / BLZ
751 Raiffeisenbank Werratal-Landeck HE Philippsthal (Werra) 53261342
752 Raiffeisenbank Werratal-Landeck HE Schenklengsfeld 53261342
753 Raiffeisenbank Werratal-Landeck (Gf P2) HE Heringen (Werra) 53261342
754 Raiffeisenbank Zw HE Ahnatal 52065220
755 Raiffeisenbank Zw HE Grebenstein 52065220
756 Raiffeisenbank Zw HE Niederdorfelden 50662299
757 Raiffeisenbank Zw HE Schöneck, Hess 50662299
758 Raiffeisenbank Zw Bad Emstal HE Bad Emstal 52063550
759 Raiffeisenbank Zw Bad Salzschlirf HE Bad Salzschlirf 53062035
760 Raiffeisenbank Zw Fronhausen HE Fronhausen, Lahn 53361724
761 Raiffeisenbank Zw Fuldabrück HE Fuldabrück 52064156
762 Raiffeisenbank Zw Giesel HE Neuhof, Kr Fulda 53062035
763 Raiffeisenbank Zw Haimbach HE Fulda 53062035
764 Raiffeisenbank Zw Helsa HE Helsa 52064156
765 Raiffeisenbank Zw Hosenfeld HE Hosenfeld 53062035
766 Raiffeisenbank Zw Kaufungen HE Kaufungen, Hess 52064156
767 Raiffeisenbank Zw Landau HE Bad Arolsen 52063550
768 Raiffeisenbank Zw Lohfelden HE Lohfelden 52064156
769 Raiffeisenbank Zw Naumburg HE Naumburg, Hess 52063550
770 Raiffeisenbank Zw Nieste HE Nieste, Kr Kassel 52064156
771 Raiffeisenbank Zw Schauenburg HE Schauenburg 52064156
772 Raiffeisenbank Zw Söhrewald HE Söhrewald 52064156
773 Raiffeisenbank Zw Weimar HE Weimar (Lahn) 53361724
774 RBS ( Deutschland ) Frankfurt am Main HE Frankfurt am Main 51230400
775 ReiseBank HE Frankfurt am Main 52410300
776 ReiseBank Gf2 HE Frankfurt am Main 52410310
777 Reiseschecks - Barclays Bank Frankfurt HE Frankfurt am Main 50310455
778 Rheingauer Volksbank HE Bad Schwalbach 51091500
779 Rheingauer Volksbank HE Eltville am Rhein 51091500
780 Rheingauer Volksbank HE Geisenheim, Rheingau 51091500
781 Rheingauer Volksbank HE Kiedrich, Rheingau 51091500
782 Rheingauer Volksbank HE Lorch, Rheingau 51091500
783 Rheingauer Volksbank HE Oestrich-Winkel 51091500
784 Rheingauer Volksbank HE Rüdesheim am Rhein 51091500
785 Rheingauer Volksbank HE Schlangenbad, Taunus 51091500
786 Rheingauer Volksbank HE Walluf 51091500
787 Rheingauer Volksbank (Gf P2) HE Geisenheim, Rheingau 51091500
788 Rüsselsheimer Volksbank HE Rüsselsheim 50093000
789 Rüsselsheimer Volksbank (Gf P2) HE Rüsselsheim 50093000
790 Rüsselsheimer Volksbank GAA HE Rüsselsheim 50093010
791 Rüsselsheimer Volksbank Ndl Raunheim HE Raunheim 50093000
792 Rüsselsheimer Volksbank Ndl Trebur HE Trebur 50093000
793 S Broker Wiesbaden HE Wiesbaden 30030100
794 S Broker Wiesbaden HE Wiesbaden 51051000
795 Santander Consumer Bank HE Darmstadt 25020600
796 Santander Consumer Bank HE Frankfurt am Main 10120600
797 Santander Consumer Bank HE Frankfurt am Main 25020600
798 Santander Consumer Bank HE Frankfurt am Main 31010833
799 Santander Consumer Bank HE Frankfurt am Main 50033300
800 Santander Consumer Bank HE Kassel, Hess 31010833