BLZ Codes, Bankleitzahl, Sort Codes and SWIFT Codes for all Banks in Germany.

Bankleitzahl, BLZ Code, Sort Code is a numerical code used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Germany. The number consists of 8 digits, and it is used for domestic bank transfer. Generally, the first 4 digits identify the banking company, and the latter 4 digits are assigned to the branch.

For international inward money transfer, a SWIFT code must be used together with a Bankleitzahl and Account Number. Alternatively, use IBAN account number as Bankleitzahl was part of it.

The format of Bankleitzahl is as follows;


  • the first digit (A) identify the clearing area.
  • the next 2 digits (BB) identify the bank location (Bankplatz).
  • the next 1 digit (C) identifies the banking group (Bankengruppe).
  • the last 4 digits (DDDD) identify the branch.

Bayern - Page 22

The table below are the address and Bankleitzahl or BLZ Code for all banks in Bayern, Germany. Click on the Bankleitzahl to find out the bank details, maps & SWIFT Codes/BIC Codes.

No Bank or Institution State City Bankleitzahl / BLZ
1051 Raiffeisenbank Adelzhausen-Sielenbach Hgs BY Sielenbach 72069002
1052 Raiffeisenbank Aiglsbach BY Aiglsbach 70169653
1053 Raiffeisenbank Aiglsbach (Gf P2) BY Aiglsbach 70169653
1054 Raiffeisenbank Aiglsbach Zw Lindkirchen BY Mainburg 70169653
1055 Raiffeisenbank Aindling BY Inchenhofen 72069005
1056 Raiffeisenbank Aindling BY Todtenweis 72069005
1057 Raiffeisenbank Aindling Zw Alsmoos-Petersdorf BY Petersdorf b Aichach 72069005
1058 Raiffeisenbank Aitrang-Ruderatshofen BY Aitrang 73369851
1059 Raiffeisenbank Aitrang-Ruderatshofen BY Ruderatshofen 73369851
1060 Raiffeisenbank Aitrang-Ruderatshofen (Gf P2) BY Aitrang 73369851
1061 Raiffeisenbank -alt- BY Freudenberg, Oberpf 76069448
1062 Raiffeisenbank -alt- BY Memmelsdorf 77069084
1063 Raiffeisenbank -alt- BY Neuhof a.d.Zenn 76069552
1064 Raiffeisenbank -alt- BY Niederbergkirchen 70169476
1065 Raiffeisenbank -alt- BY Oberkotzau 77069879
1066 Raiffeisenbank -alt- BY Schöllkrippen 79662558
1067 Raiffeisenbank -alt- BY Stammbach 77069908
1068 Raiffeisenbank -alt- BY Uffenheim 76561979
1069 Raiffeisen-Bank -alt- BY Furth im Wald 75069043
1070 Raiffeisen-Bank -alt- (Gf P2) BY Furth im Wald 75069043
1071 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Ergolding BY Altdorf, Niederbay 74362663
1072 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Ergolding BY Bruckberg, Niederbay 74362663
1073 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Ergolding BY Ergolding 74362663
1074 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Ergolding BY Furth, Kr Landshut 74362663
1075 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Ergolding BY Gammelsdorf 74362663
1076 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Ergolding BY Landshut, Isar 74362663
1077 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Ergolding (Gf P2) BY Ergolding 74362663
1078 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Feucht BY Altdorf b. Nürnberg 76069440
1079 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Feucht BY Feucht 76069440
1080 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Feucht BY Leinburg 76069440
1081 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Feucht BY Nürnberg, Mittelfr 76069440
1082 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Feucht BY Schwarzenbruck 76069440
1083 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Feucht BY Winkelhaid b Nürnberg, Mittelfr 76069440
1084 Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Feucht (Gf P2) BY Feucht 76069440
1085 Raiffeisenbank Alteglofsheim-Hagelstadt BY Alteglofsheim 75069055
1086 Raiffeisenbank Alteglofsheim-Hagelstadt BY Hagelstadt 75069055
1087 Raiffeisenbank Alteglofsheim-Hagelstadt (Gf P2) BY Hagelstadt 75069055
1088 Raiffeisenbank Alxing-Bruck BY Bruck, Oberbay 70169310
1089 Raiffeisenbank Alxing-Bruck (Gf P2) BY Bruck, Oberbay 70169310
1090 Raiffeisenbank am Dreisessel BY Haidmühle, Niederbay 74069768
1091 Raiffeisenbank am Dreisessel BY Jandelsbrunn 74069768
1092 Raiffeisenbank am Dreisessel BY Neureichenau 74069768
1093 Raiffeisenbank am Dreisessel (Gf P2) BY Neureichenau 74069768
1094 Raiffeisenbank Am Goldenen Steig BY Perlesreut 74061101
1095 Raiffeisenbank Am Goldenen Steig BY Ringelai 74061101
1096 Raiffeisenbank Am Goldenen Steig BY Röhrnbach 74061101
1097 Raiffeisenbank Am Goldenen Steig BY Schönberg, Niederbay 74061101
1098 Raiffeisenbank Am Goldenen Steig BY Waldkirchen, Niederbay 74061101
1099 Raiffeisenbank Am Goldenen Steig (Gf P2) BY Röhrnbach 74061101
1100 Raiffeisenbank Am Goldenen Steig Gs Haus, Wald BY Grafenau, Niederbay 74061101