BLZ Codes, Bankleitzahl, Sort Codes and SWIFT Codes for all Banks in Germany.

Bankleitzahl, BLZ Code, Sort Code is a numerical code used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Germany. The number consists of 8 digits, and it is used for domestic bank transfer. Generally, the first 4 digits identify the banking company, and the latter 4 digits are assigned to the branch.

For international inward money transfer, a SWIFT code must be used together with a Bankleitzahl and Account Number. Alternatively, use IBAN account number as Bankleitzahl was part of it.

The format of Bankleitzahl is as follows;


  • the first digit (A) identify the clearing area.
  • the next 2 digits (BB) identify the bank location (Bankplatz).
  • the next 1 digit (C) identifies the banking group (Bankengruppe).
  • the last 4 digits (DDDD) identify the branch.

Bayern - Page 43

The table below are the address and Bankleitzahl or BLZ Code for all banks in Bayern, Germany. Click on the Bankleitzahl to find out the bank details, maps & SWIFT Codes/BIC Codes.

No Bank or Institution State City Bankleitzahl / BLZ
2101 Raiffeisenbank Südliches Ostallgäu BY Rückholz 73369933
2102 Raiffeisenbank Südliches Ostallgäu BY Seeg 73369933
2103 Raiffeisenbank Südliches Ostallgäu BY Stötten a. Auerberg 73369933
2104 Raiffeisenbank Südliches Ostallgäu (Gf P2) BY Seeg 73369933
2105 Raiffeisenbank südöstl. Starnberger See BY Antdorf 70169331
2106 Raiffeisenbank südöstl. Starnberger See BY Berg, Starnberger See 70169331
2107 Raiffeisenbank südöstl. Starnberger See BY Bernried, Starnberger See 70169331
2108 Raiffeisenbank südöstl. Starnberger See BY Habach, Oberbay 70169331
2109 Raiffeisenbank südöstl. Starnberger See BY Iffeldorf 70169331
2110 Raiffeisenbank südöstl. Starnberger See BY Penzberg 70169331
2111 Raiffeisenbank südöstl. Starnberger See BY Seeshaupt 70169331
2112 Raiffeisenbank südöstl. Starnberger See (Gf P2) BY Seeshaupt 70169331
2113 Raiffeisenbank Sulzbach-Rosenberg BY Birgland 75261700
2114 Raiffeisenbank Sulzbach-Rosenberg BY Hahnbach, Oberpf 75261700
2115 Raiffeisenbank Sulzbach-Rosenberg BY Illschwang 75261700
2116 Raiffeisenbank Sulzbach-Rosenberg BY Sulzbach-Rosenberg 75261700
2117 Raiffeisenbank Sulzbach-Rosenberg (Gf P2) BY Sulzbach-Rosenberg 75261700
2118 Raiffeisenbank Tattenh-Großkarolinenf BY Großkarolinenfeld 70169190
2119 Raiffeisenbank Tattenh-Großkarolinenf (Gf P2) BY Großkarolinenfeld 70169190
2120 Raiffeisenbank Taufkirchen-Oberneukirchen BY Kraiburg a. Inn 70169568
2121 Raiffeisenbank Taufkirchen-Oberneukirchen BY Oberneukirchen 70169568
2122 Raiffeisenbank Taufkirchen-Oberneukirchen BY Polling, Kr Mühldorf a Inn 70169568
2123 Raiffeisenbank Taufkirchen-Oberneukirchen BY Taufkirchen, Kr Mühldorf a Inn 70169568
2124 Raiffeisenbank Taufkirchen-Oberneukirchen (Gf P2) BY Oberneukirchen 70169568
2125 Raiffeisenbank Thalheim (Gf P2) BY Fraunberg, Oberbay 70169570
2126 Raiffeisenbank Thalheim -alt- BY Fraunberg, Oberbay 70169570
2127 Raiffeisenbank Thannhausen BY Münsterhausen 72069235
2128 Raiffeisenbank Thannhausen BY Ursberg 72069235
2129 Raiffeisenbank Thurnauer Land BY Neudrossenfeld 77069739
2130 Raiffeisenbank Thurnauer Land BY Thurnau 77069739
2131 Raiffeisenbank Thurnauer Land BY Wonsees 77069739
2132 Raiffeisenbank Thurnauer Land (Gf P2) BY Thurnau 77069739
2133 Raiffeisenbank Tölzer Land BY Bad Tölz 70169571
2134 Raiffeisenbank Tölzer Land BY Dietramszell 70169571
2135 Raiffeisenbank Tölzer Land BY Egling b Wolfratshausen 70169571
2136 Raiffeisenbank Tölzer Land BY Gaißach, Oberbay 70169571
2137 Raiffeisenbank Tölzer Land BY Jachenau 70169571
2138 Raiffeisenbank Tölzer Land BY Lenggries 70169571
2139 Raiffeisenbank Tölzer Land (Gf P2) BY Bad Tölz 70169571
2140 Raiffeisenbank Trostberg-Traunreut BY Altenmarkt a.d.Alz 70169195
2141 Raiffeisenbank Trostberg-Traunreut BY Kienberg, Oberbay 70169195
2142 Raiffeisenbank Trostberg-Traunreut BY Palling, Oberbay 70169195
2143 Raiffeisenbank Trostberg-Traunreut BY Schnaitsee 70169195
2144 Raiffeisenbank Trostberg-Traunreut BY St Georgen, Chiemgau 70169195
2145 Raiffeisenbank Trostberg-Traunreut BY Tacherting 70169195
2146 Raiffeisenbank Trostberg-Traunreut BY Traunreut 70169195
2147 Raiffeisenbank Trostberg-Traunreut BY Traunwalchen 70169195
2148 Raiffeisenbank Trostberg-Traunreut BY Trostberg 70169195
2149 Raiffeisenbank Trostberg-Traunreut (Gf P2) BY Traunreut 70169195
2150 Raiffeisenbank Tussenh-Zais Ndl d Rbk Türkheim BY Tussenhausen 70169575